1. How can I download the App?

The app is free and available for both iPhone and Android phones. Download links are found at the bottom of the OmGate homepage. Click the icon relevant for your phone.


2. I downloaded the app but but I can’t see any My Omgate devices, what happened?

Each gate is managed by an Admin, so only users that received an invitation (via SMS with authorised link) are able to open the gate. Check who the gate Admin is and request user permissions for your phone. If you already have permissions and the gate doesn’t open, verify that your phone’s Bluetooth is enabled and you are within range of the gate.


3. How can I purchase a unit?

You can purchase the OmGate product via authorised distributors, while installation is performed by qualified technicians. Send us a message via the Contact form at the bottom of this page and we’ll make sure that your local distributor will contact you shortly.


4. How many Omgate devices can be managed by one phone

The OmGate app can manage up to 20 different gates.


5. I have more than one gate in a single location, can the system support that?

The system fully supports gates that are located close to one other. You can give every gate a different name to help distinguish them. Consult the FAQ below to learn how.


6. How do I delete gate, or change it’s name?

Tap the Settings icon in the screen of the relevant gate. From there you can choose to either rename the gate or remove it from the app.


7. How do I change or add the gate Admin?

Only the OmGate installer or the main Admin defined during the initial installation are allowed to add authorised users for each gate. The Admin is also able to add additional managers to a gate.


8. How do I cancel alerts received when approaching gate?

You can cancel these alerts via the app Settings page or the phone’s notifications centre.


9. How can I add more gates?

Additional gates are usually added to the app by invitation from the user managing the gate (invitation is sent via SMS with an authorisation link). If you want to add another gate, where you also have Admin status, simply tap “Add new gate” and follow the instructions in the app.


10. Can automatic open be defined?

Yes, in the application settings.